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Laundry Tracking and Solutions

RFID technology has been used for laundry tracking for a long time. You have to considery below 4 point if you are looking for a  RFID laundry tag

  1. Attachment of tags

  2. Durability of tags

  3. Read range

  4. Memory

All these aspects have massively improved from the first time RFID tags were used for laundry years ago. There are several good options when looking for an RFID tag to track your uniforms or laundry.  RFID tags for uniform and laundry tracking also come in various frequencies. What used to be a domain of low or high frequency is increasingly being supplemented by UHF, which allows for longer read ranges, reading more tags at the same time and expanded user memory.

The tags also differ by way of attachment. They can be sewn in (usually disc/button form factor or rectangular shape inserted into a seam), adhered (using industrial-strength adhesive) or as a hangtag.


Low Frequency RFID Laundry Tag :Low Frequency laundry tag with or without hole and easily sewn into the hem or seam of a garment, uniform, napkin, tablecloth or runner. 

  • LF 125 kHz or HF 13.56 MHz

  • ISO 15693/18000-3 (HF)

  • 64-bit UID; up to 1024 bit read-write user memory

  • Anti-collision, multi-read capable (HF)

  • High chemical and mechanical resistance

  • Temperature resistant up to 347° F (175° C)

  • Options for mounting on metal or non-metal surfaces

This HF laundry tag is one of the sturdiest and most resilient encapsulated HF tags available on the market today, specifically designed for industrial textile products, including flat linen, for identification in rough industrial laundry environments.

  • highly resistant to tunnel washers, water extractors (up to 60 bars), tunnel finishers and tumblers 

  • Small and rugged

  • HF frequency

  • Small size and white color make it ideal for incorporating into garments.

  • Chip ID laser-marked directly on tag for additional visual identification.

UHF Laundry tags with longer read range than LF laundry tag and HF laundry tag. 

  • UHF technology allows the reading of hundreds of tags simultaneously

  • More than 6 foot reading distance

  • Cost efficient solution with exceptional durability for washing, drying, dry cleaning and ironing

  • Suitable for high-pressure extractors up to 60 bar

  • Small, soft, flexible material ideal for textiles, linens,garments and accessories

  • Withstands maximum temperatures up to 200°C/392°F

  • Conforms to ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C

  • 100% non-magnetic construction, suitable for hospital use

UHF fabric laundry tag :This flexible and durable RFID fabric laundry tag is specifically designed for the laundry industry. Simply sew or insert it into a hem or pocket. Its woven polyester design easily conforms to a variety of fabrics. Great for tracking inventory of flat linens, dry cleaning, uniforms and other housekeeping items.The high-performance RFID antenna woven into the fabric of the laundry tag resists high temperatures, water and solvents. It will even withstand multiple washes and heat sterilization. RoHS and REACH compliant.

  • Maximum Temperature:392°F (200°C) / 15 seconds 

  • at 36 psi (2.5 bars)

  • Tunnel Washer:194°F (90°C) / 15 minutes

  • Pre-drying in Tumbler:320°F (160°C) / 30 minutes

  • Tunnel Finisher;365°F (185°C) / 30 minutes

  • Sterilization Process:273°F (134°C) / 20 minutes

  • Water Extractor:4 psi (60 bars)

  • Warranty:200 cycles or 3 years