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NFC Authentication & Anti-counterfeit Service

Applications: brand protection; genuine check;protect warranty; limited edition product; product certificate;

With Konglam NFC authentication & anti-counterfeit service, your product can all be easily identified for their genuineness during any point of distribution by using a NFC-enabled mobile phone.


By implanting a NFC tag inside your product with our service, any Smartphone with NFC functions can easily trace and track the identity info of product to show the GENUINENESS or AUTHENTICITY of a product.


Our service offers you:

  • Consultation on how to add a CHIP inside your product

  • Online authentication service

  • Usage report and suspicious counterfeit activities alerts

  • Data integration service, ID associates with production information or warranty data

Step 1: Manufacturing process:

  • Register a NFC label into product after the last step of production QC process.

  • Automatically associate the tag info with the product data information, these data are uploaded into our server 

Step 2: Marketing and Distribution

  • Any goods or restricted samples, which bare a smart label, can now be tracked carefully. Since the goods/samples have a unique ID, the recipient can easily confirm the delivery note by their mobile phone.  

  • The distributors can easily check the genuineness and ensure no counterfeit products are mixed inside the goods. Their warranty record can also be associated to individual items.

Step 3: Product Verification by Consumer

  • The customer/end-user can use their mobile phone to check the genuineness as well as product or warranty info.

  • Any interaction between product owner and product user