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  • First, the main use of anti-tear label


  • "Vehicle Management" windshield

   Uhf windscreen tag is an RFID tag specially designed for vehicle access management. It is attached to the inside of the front wind baffle glass to make the label work stably. It has the advantages of fast reading speed, multi-label identification and anti-disassembly. In addition, the label surface can be printed with various logos or patterns.


It is mainly used for vehicle tags to interact with radio frequency antennas on toll station ETC lanes, and use computer Internet technology to conduct background settlement with banks, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicles passing toll stations without stopping and waiting.


Product features

1. One-time destruction design

2. Self-adhesive fixation mode, easy to install

3. It can be packaged in various ways and shapes according to needs

4. High sensitivity and excellent reading performance

5. Information such as text and pattern can be printed on the surface

6. High cost performance, suitable for batch use


  • The reading distance is 5-10m

  • Tear proof label


The label is cut. After the label is attached, the antenna will break from the knife line and the label will become invalid.

Hf chip: F08, NFC213/215/216, etc

Uhf chips: U7, U8, H9, etc

Any antenna size can be made tear - proof blade design


Using Effects


Parking lot, ETC, goods aisle inventory, ETC., in a certain enclosed area of movement identification scenarios, can be used.